At Chicago Ink & Toner we pride ourselves in offering fast service along with a world class customer experience. We work hard at providing and adding value to our customers and strive to provide the best prices along with excellent quality on your devices repairs. Chicago Ink & Toner specializes Office supplies including Printer ink cartridges, etc. and the repair of cell phones, computers, macs and game consoles such as Xbox and PS3.  To contact us with any questions you may have or want to come into our retail location we can be found at Chicago Ink & Toner for a free diagnostic of your broken device!  If you are not satisfied with Chicago Ink & Toner’s repair please bring your device back to Chicago Ink & Toner and if we can’t fix and or rectify the issue, you will be provided a full refund at our retail location. Chicago Ink & Toner does not claim to use any vendors and or manufactures products and or claim to be associated with any manufacture. Chicago Ink & Toner has its own vendors which it uses for after market products and parts who have a proven track record along with excellent quality standards. Chicago Ink & Toner is not and does not claim to be affiliated with apple nor claim to use apple’s branded / genuine oem parts in Chicago Ink & Toner repairs and services and or products associated with ChicagoI Ink & Toner nor any other vendor and or manufactures branded / genuine oem parts which Chicago Ink & Toner does not claim to be affiliated with.